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Monday, 10 May 2010

Rambut Siwi Temple

Pura Rambut Siwi environment surrounded by fields Siwi stretching and terraces. In the south there are mounds of rock cliffs and steep. Apart from rice fields surrounded by terraces, from the distance to the north, looking clusters of rural and mountain range stretching from west to east, and there are also views of the Indonesian Ocean south. In the southwest the temple, there are bale resting place to enjoy the panoramic beauty of the sea, with waves splashing fun. Not far of the bale resting place, on the south side there is a precipice which is usually used as a road to go down to the beach.

On the edge of the beach located among apita cliffs and ocean, there are two caves which considered holy and sacred. Suanana here was calm and quiet, ideal as a place
calming the mind.

Pura Rambut Siwi precisely located on the southern coast of Bali Island in the western part of the Village Yeh Kangin Embang District Mendoyo district, Jembrana Regency. With the magical light and the silence at night, this temple as if trying to escape from The city noise and bustle of State, and avoid the traffic of Java-Bali overland very crowded in this area.

Among followers flow, Shiva Temple regarded as a very suitable place and ideal for meditation. According to them, Pura Rambut Siwi has magical vibrations very unusual.

At nightfall was still audible hard pounding of the waves, but when moved to midnight, the silence would sweep this region, and that's where the best time
to meditate. Condition, becomes justification, why Nirartha meditation at this place.
Pura existence can not be separated from Rambut Siwi Nirartha trip in Bali, about
16th century. Here he stopped and do meditation. Before leaving this place, hand over a piece Nirartha hair to etiquette / local residents, for the next worship. In Dwijendra Tatwa Chronicle noted, at Temple Rambut Siwi revered symbolically Siwi Nirartha. In addition to hair cult, Indonesia during the Kuna, also known existence habit of glorifying the feet. Inscription Ciaruteun in West Java from the 5th century, mentions the existence of the former King Purnawarman two feet which corresponds with your feet The god Vishnu.

As for the hair cult symbol may be associated with supernatural power and greatness a priest in the fields of religion, in this case Nirartha. If this assumption is true, then Pura Rambut Siwi function other than as a place to worship Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa Ida (God), also to glorify the greatness and supernatural powers Nirartha. With these functions, temples This is included in group Pura Dang Goda.

In Meru intercropping / level three at Temple Rambut Siwi, saved four statues, a Tangible men, women and the remaining tangible. The four are suspected as the statue statue Nirartha and his wife and two daughters. The Story of the Great King, Kris, and Tiger Selem (black tiger) Pura Rambut Siwi, Ida Bagus Ketut Lodra says she is old enough to be stakeholders in the temple, to be precise since the year 1970. According to the story he had heard in fall heritage, he justifies the existence of temple Rambut Siwi.

There used to be the king of giants who ruled the area, and always cause trouble. when Danghyang Nirartha comes, he helped people with magical powers by the hair. Because of the success raksana beat the king, his hair next to that he submitted to the resident for glorified.

During the service at Temple Rambut Siwi, Ida Bagus Ketut Jro Mangku Lodra claimed many view things unseen. Experience the first instance, armpits he and his colleagues was packing ceremony supplies, suddenly there was a keris notched three stemmed fall in place offering is located. The incident occurred around 09.00 pm local time, eleven years ago (1990). When the dagger is yelled the word "dagger", is rapidly disappearing dagger thrice. First disappearing to the north, then south, and the last to the top and then really disappeared.

Ida Bagus Ketut Mangku Jro Lodra added, at a certain time he was also seen black tiger, who seemed to want him. Tiger, the exit from the cave that was beside the temple in the south. But since the 10th of this year, she admitted to not never again see the tiger. According to Jero Mangku, there are three caves that now is a source of misery (destroyer), like Jero Ketut (rat), walang rice pest, which often destroy aphis paddy and other crops belonging farmers around the area of the temple Rambut Siwi.

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