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Monday, 10 May 2010

Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Temple is one of several many places Hindu prayers which have historical value and nuanced magical. It is located right in the middle of the sea and escorted
more than ten LIPI poleng (striped snake) which base around the temple. As a sanctuary, Pura Tanah Lot has "Miracle" extraordinary. More than one hundred
years ago was founded in the middle of the ocean, but until now remained firmly stand, although tongue licked by a barrage waves all the time. But it was the lick-lick Aloe Pura Tanah Lot waves in a magnificent scenery, especially when the sun going down (sunset). Sun will be yellowish in color (orange), continues to be fascinating for anyone a look at it. It's a very fantastic scenery, as the sun began peraduannya headed, by implying violet orange on the ceiling of the island of Bali.

Besides famous for its natural beauty, the temple is also known to have a holy snake benign, and can touch anyone who has a good and holy intentions. Holy is meant for example, a woman who is menstruating dipantangkan to touch the snake, as well as to those who are stricken by misfortune, there is one family who died, also advised not to touch the snake poleng.

According to Pura Tanah Lot Sapuh Interpreter, Jro Mangku Matra, there are snakes in the area of Pura Tanah Lot as is often witnessed, not the same as a kind of snake that exist elsewhere. Snake called sacred serpent (holysnake). "Snakes in Pura Tanah Lot is a snake 'duwen' Ida Bathara," Mangku Jro said.

For a Who's Courtship, Reproduction "Tangkil"

If there are Hindus who want to "Tangkil" (prayer) to the Pura Tanah Lot advised not to wearing sandals. May use the sandals, provided as is and enter the temple area, sandals should be removed, let alone going into the area "the main theater." According to all of it aimed Mangku Jro to maintain the sanctity of the temple. Jro Mangku also confirms the opinion of those so far, stating for those who are dating forbidden to visit Tanah Lot, because the area is very "tenget" / armature and sacred. If it is violated, the relevant pair is believed to be experiencing adversity, or at least it will drop out of dating. But the ban is not set in stone, so long as the lovers want to do a prayer request salvation to Ida Bathara in Pura Tanah Lot. "It's okay to bring my fiancee here, but must perform the prayers for the safety provided by Ida Bathara malingga sane at Pura Tanah Lot, "explained Jro Mangku Nirartha.

The existence of Pura Tanah Lot, is closely related to the sacred journey (tirthayatra) Nirartha around the island of Bali. On the way tirthayatranya, had stopped and Nirartha overnight at Tanah Lot, after his hair from Pura Siwi, Jembrana. From Pura Rambut Siwi. He continued to explore the coast to the east, and finally arrived at Tanah Lot. There he decided to rest and spend the night. Before long he was resting, many residents Tanah Lot surrounding communities who came to him, mostly farmers and fishermen. Finally, the evening before he breaks, Nirartha give religious teachings, ethical governance, and the teaching of virtues to the people who met him.

At that time Nirartha suggested that people build Parhyangan (temple or heaven) there, because according to the vibration and mysterious clues, the place was good as a place devoted to Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa (God), to beg Him for bless of race safety.


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