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Monday, 10 May 2010

Pura or Temple in Bali

Bali as Island of the Gods can not be separated from so many Pura (Hindu temple) in Bali. As far as the eye Temple looked to be found here and there. In each small family they have a place of worship, in a large family were also there. Then in each village, people of Bali have Tri Pura Goda, then in larger areas there pretending generally built either because of things mystical occurred or because the location considerations.

In principle, the existence of temples in Bali is known as the Pura Sad Goda, Goda Dang Pura, Pura Tri Goda and Special Temple which was built for a specific purpose
as well. Through website, you can find Pretending the existence of these.
Sad Pura Pura Goda is believed to be Balinese spiritual dike scattered in various specific areas in throughout Bali. The main pretend this is believed to have magical powers extraordinary human being and became the central spiritual Balinese Hindu.

While Pura Dang Goda is a temple built by the Maharsi, mpu, Danghyang (Spiritual Hinduism in the past). Very dominant in the development process Goda Dang Pura This is Nirartha or known in Bali as Ida Pedanda Wawu Rawuh Sakti, mpu Semeru when religious leaders to West Nusa Tenggara.

For Special Pura, intended as a temple which was built specially for the function of a particular purpose. For example there are temples built by Sekeha Subak, namely the agricultural community in Bali. Temple built their profession Traders, Fishermen and others. There was even Pura built specifically because there is a supernatural event in the previous process. Existence Pretending that so many in Bali, this makes a significant psychological impact for people of Bali.

They always tried to act in accordance with the teachings of their religion, because for them not Pura simply as a place of worship, but there is a great strength in every temple that could watching the movements of their deeds.

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