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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Greetings and Hindu Religious Symbol

Hinduism Greetings

To foster a harmonious relationship and strengthen the sense of brotherhood in the community association, Hinduism teaches brotherly greetings (panganjali) with the word "OM SWASTYASTU". This greeting can also be used in the start and end an activity. In the end something special activities can also use the "OM SANTI, SANTI, SANTI, OM," which means hopefully peaceful.

At the time greeting, hands in front of the chest included with your fingertips pointing up, but if things are not possible, this attitude can not be done. Who received greetings should give an answer with the word "OM SWASTYASTU" with the same attitude.

"OM" means the Lord, "SU" means well, "ASTI" means no and "Astu" means, hopefully, so the overall mean GOOD WELCOME TO THE GRACE OF GOD ALMIGHTY. In this way, the operations have been conducted each pray a prayer with each other.

Hinduism Symbol

Emblem or symbol of religious belief is a means of binding his people to be more closer to the hearts and feelings ideals of religious life, also called Niyasa or Murti Puja. Agama Hindu Swastika as a symbol to use.

The original form of the Swastika is a symbol of two vertical and horizontal lines crossed each side, perpendicular in the middle (+).

As a cultural art creations that are always growing, Swastika is also experiencing growth so that later became so shaped.

Swastika describes the rotation harmony of the universe with all the romance, the dynamics and dialectics. It basically shows where kemahabesaran Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa as Creator. The word Swastika means safety or welfare. Vertical line shows the harmony of human relationships with his creator is Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, while the horizontal line shows the harmony of human relationships with others, including the human relationship with nature.

If the human relationship with the creator and the human relationship with the environment harmoniously interwoven with, the people will get the safety and welfare. Safety and welfare is the essence of religious purpose. The fourth line in the ends of the vertical and horizontal lines indicate the direction of rotation of Swastika, which is turning to the right. So Swastika also describes the motion, the motion of the universe that rotates to the right. Essentially all natural contents as well as having the wind velocity, water, etc., to create harmony in nature.


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