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Thursday, 22 October 2009

The Lontars

Type of Lontar

The main points of doctrine contained in the Lordship of the sacred Vedic literature and Upanishads as described above was written back into the lontar in Bali with a Balinese script. -Archipelago Sanskrit, Old Javanese and Balinese.

Lontar stored and maintained in Bali in a considerable number, scattered in various places. These places such as in: Gedong Kirtya Singaraja. Library Universitas Udayana Denpasar, Hindu Dharma University Library Denpasar, Denpasar Dwijendra University Library, Office of Cultural Documentation Center Bali Bali Province and others. In addition, not a bit too lontar were stored in individual homes that are inherited from generation to generation, as a private library.

Its contents include a variety of things related to Hindu Religion and Culture in Bali. Prior to the source lontar Lordship teaching philosophy itself is also worthy of note some of the lontar, including the following:

1 Lontar-ejection of the puja.
Palm grip contains the Sulinggih puja at the time of worship and "muput" religious ceremony. This lontar use Sanskrit islands. Some of them are:

* Wedapankrama
* Suryasewana
* Arghapatra
* Puja ksatrya
* Puja-mamukur
* Kajang-Pitra-puja

2 Lontar-ejection of Yajna.
Lontar many true type. Generally contains general instructions for yajna ceremony, either on the types or sesajennya banten, equipment and so on. Here is an example of a palm in question:

* Gods-tatwa
* Sundarigama
* Wrhaspatikalpa
* Yamapurwana tatwa
* Kramaning madiksa
* Dharma-Koripan
* Janam-prakerti
* Anggastiaprana
* Sri Purana
* Tatwa-Siwa-Purana.

Palmyra Wariga
Other lontar closely associated with the ejection of this Yajna is lontar Wariga, such as:

* Wariga Gemet
* Wariga Krimping
* Wariga
* Wariga Parerasian
* Wariga Palalawangan
* Purwaka Wariga.

Ethics lontar
It is a doctrine of ethics, virtue and guidance to become a "Sadhu" is wise and prudent, virtuous, and noble-hearted impersonal sacred. Which include palm species, among others:

* Sarasamusccaya
* Slokantara
* Agastiaparwa
* Siwasasana
* Wratisasana
* Silakrama
* Pancasiksa

Tattwa lontar

Lontar this type containing the teachings of the Godhead, in addition also includes the doctrine of the universe penjadian, teaching Yoga, ajaraa of "redemption" and so on. Most of the palm - this is Siwaistis ejection. Some of them are:

* Bhuwana vocabulary
* Ganapatitatwa
* Jnanasiddhanta
* Bhuwana sangksepa
* Trance Mahajnana
* Tatwajnana
* Wrhaspati-Tattwa


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