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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Scripture and Maha Rishi


Hindu scriptures called the Vedas. The word Veda is derived from the Sanskrit root word "Wid" evolved into the Vedic or WIDYA which means knowledge. As the Vedic scriptures implies the set of pure science that comes from Wasa, Sang Hyang Widhi received or heard by the Supreme sage in a state of samadhi. Therefore also called Sruti which means holy word is heard (revelation). So the Veda is the set of revelations of God.

Vedas Sruti:

Veda Veda Sruti is revelation in the form of the set (Sruti), called also Veda Samhita consists of:

No. Compiled by Group Name
1 Rig Veda Maha Rishi Veda Pulaha Chess
2 Yajur Veda, Rishi Maha Waisampayana
Sama Veda 3 Maha Rishi Jaimini.
4 Atharwa Maha Rishi Veda Sumantu.

5 Bhagavad-Gita Maha Rishi Vyasa. Pancamo Vedas.

Smriti Vedas:

Smriti Vedas are Sruti interpretation of the Vedas, compiled with the intention of learning easier, consisting of two groups:

No. Book It Group
1 Punishment science of phonetics Vedanga
2 Wyakarana grammar
3 Chanda knowledge of the song
4 Nirukta knowledge of synonyms and acronyms
5 Jyotisa astronomy
6 Kalpa of ritual

1-story Itihasa epic story (epic) consists of the Mahabharata and Ramayana Upaweda
Purana 2-story set of stories (like history) about certain events and about the tradition.
3 Arthasastra knowledge of the government.
4 Ayurveda medicine.
5 Gandarwa Vedic science of art
6 Sarasamuçcaya and Slokantara about ethics and deontology.

Receipt / Maha Rishi

Rishi is a person who for his efforts to samadhi yoga initiation, has a purity, chosen by God, can connect with God, so with his power to see things past, present, and future, and can receive revelation (Sruti ). Receipt term was not synonymous with the Reverend, but sometimes means the same, as there is in some areas. To distinguish the notion sage as sage as Pastor and Prophet, the Maha Rishi dipakailah term to express sage as a prophet.

Swayambhu Bharadwaja Wrhaspati Krtyaya Sandhyaya
Gotama Wasistha Tridhatu Agastya Wajrasrawa
Grtsamada Dharma Kanwa Trinawindhu Aryadatta
USANA Narayana Somayana Vishvamitra Parashara
Prajapati Warmadewa Vyasa Tryaguna Rutsa
Dhananjaya Hiranyagarbha Atri Sakri


Iconography is the embodiment of Sang Hyang Widhi down to earth to rescue work, especially when the dharma under challenge and moments of rampant adharma started. The difference with the Maha Rishi is that avatars are the embodiment of Hyang Widhi down to earth, while Maha Rishi is the man chosen because it can increase his soul to perfection so as to receive revelation. In the Vishnu Purana known ten manifestations Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa in saving the world is:


Hyang Widhi Wasa (God) is down to earth form:
1 Matsya Avatara vast Fish
Kurma Avatara 2
Turtle (turtle) giant Rhino
3 Varaha Avatara Great Avatars
4 Narasingha human-headed lion, killing the King Hirania Kasipu as Adharma figures at that time.
Vamana Avatara 5 Little Person who killed King Bali as Adharma figures.
Avatars 6 Pandita Rama Parasu always carry an ax, gave awareness to the knights to control the Dharma or the leadership as well as possible.
7 Rama Avatara King Dasaratha's son, in order to defend against dharma adharma led by Ravana who terbasmi troops.
8 Krisna Avatara as King's son with the goddess Devaki Wasudewa destroy King Kangsa and Jarasandha adharma groups at that time.
9 Buddhist Iconography as King's son with the goddess Maya Sudodana duty of mankind to realize, to be free from suffering through the middle of the eight discs (life cycle).
10 Kalki Avatara. white horsemen with drawn swords, and will eradicate adharma creature. Iconography is a to-10,
According to our belief that he would come later when adharma was really rampant.


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