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Thursday, 22 October 2009

The Vedas

When did the Vedas Start There?

Vedas are the sacred books of Hinduism are the oldest. When the book begins there is not known with certainty. Opinions of various scholars about this. Some say this book began there in 1200 BC, some say 2400 BC. There is also the other opinion.

The ancient Hindus seldom left the notes historical value. Accepted Vedic people through word of mouth from generation to generation from the past that are not known. Writing of the Vedas with Devanagari letter is from a much later period. People believe that the scriptures are taught by God to the Rsi. So he was not made by man. From the teachings of the Vedic Hindu religion is flowing. The soul is the soul of the Hindu Vedic teachings. Although many changes have occurred, the Vedic teachings soul never stops transmitting it's light.

4 Vedas Samhita

There are four Vedic scriptures are:

* Rg Veda
* Sama Veda
* Yajur Veda and ...
* Atharva Veda.

All four were called Chess Samhita, the four sets of Vedas. All four of these Vedalah Rg which contains the oldest singing idol. Vedas do not have the same value in itself, because most of the singing-singing taken from the Rg Veda is sung with melodies that have been set. Yayur Veda mantram also contains Rg-Veda mantram which combined with prose-prose that is not derived from the Rg Veda. If mantram-Rg Veda mantram usually grouped in agreement with the gods worshiped, then the mantram-Sama Veda mantram grouped according to place and their use in offerings Yajur Veda Soma and its use in accordance with various ceremonies. Atharwa Veda has a somewhat different nature from the above three Vedas. Atharva Veda mantram-mantram contain magic that comes from an unknown period.

Belief in the teachings of the Vedas

Veda Mantram-mantram is idol songs addressed to the gods. The gods sought to be willing to listen to the songs devotees generally contain a request to the gods in paddling menganugrahkan kerahayuan live in this world. The songs were composed in Sanskrit, the language of ancient India.

The gods were worshiped many. Which is often praised, among others are: Agni (god of fire), Surya (sun god), Usas (god of the dawn), Prthivi (god of earth), Dyaus (god of the sky), Partner (god of daylight and bright sky), Varuna (the god of the dark sky and dusk), Maruts (the storm god) Vayu (wind god), Savitr (god of the sun in the morning) and the others again.

Of the names that the gods were the personification of the forces behind the invisible forces of nature. The forces of nature and what is it subject to the RTA, which orderliness of the universe. Because what is in harmony with one another, the RTA's control should be one. Thus Varuna is rtavan, control of the RTA is the One.

Will the doctrine that God One of the scattered in-mantram Vedic mantram. Some of them are as follows:

Visva Sumeta Divo ojasa patim
ya eka atihir jananam en bur,
purvyo nutanamo sa aji gisan
tam anu vartanir en eka vavrta

(Same Veda, 327)

Let's come together, you all, with a strong spirit of the Lord of Heaven.
He is only One God, guests of all people.
He who wants to back a new ancient. In whom all roads perpaling, Verily He is the One alone.

Nah yo yo janita ribbon nidhata,
bhuvanani Visva dhanani veda,
yo devanam namadha eka eva,
tam samprasnam bhuvana yantyanya

(Rg Veda X. 83. 3).

Oh, our Father, our Creator, our manager knows all the circumstances, all of what happened,
He is the One alone bear the name of various gods.
To whom others looked for a wonder.

Indram mitram varunam
agnim ahur atho divyah
Ekam sad vipra bahudha vadantyagnim yarnam eye risvanam ahuh

(Rg Veda 1.164.46).
They call Indra, Mitra, Varuna, Agni, and he is bright, the beautiful winged Garutman, One Truth (God) the wise call by many names such as Agni, Yama, Matarisavan.

Evagnis Tad tad adityas
u vayus tad tad candramah,
Sukra tad tad eva brahma
apan ta sa prajapatih

(Yajur Veda 32.1).
Agni is That, Aditya is That,
Vayu is That, Candrama is That,
Light is That, Brahman is That,
Apah is That, Prajapatilah He.

The One God is revered people in different ways, in different places and in various aspects and manifestations. The gods are aspects of One God.

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