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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

About Galungan-Kuningan Day

1. Galungan History.
Galungan estimated to have existed in the XI century, based among other Panji Song Rasmi and Pararaton Malate. In India this kind of celebration is also called Çradha Wijaya Daçami.

2. Mitologinya.
Galungan mentioned in the story of USANA Bali Mayadenawa war with Batara Indra. In Jayakasunu palm, which according to pewarah-Conference Batari to Sri Durga Jayakasunu.

3. Philosophy.
Galungan philosophy centered on the struggle against the Dharma Adharma with victory in the Dharma.

4. Sequence organization of Ceremony
Ceremony Galungan implementation activities (over 42 days).
The beginning of the preparation and final rites ceremony Galungan Galungan. Beginning in Tumpek Wariga s / d. Buddhist Keliwon Pahang (pegat Wakan / pegat Conference).

The details as follows:

Tumpek Wariga.

Sang Hyang Prakerti ring Sangkara, vegetation god.
The goal: Informing that fruiting plants bushy.
Pole legs 25 dina mepengarah altered Galungan, mabuah Apang nged, nged, nged, nged.
Goma Paing Warigadian.
Lord Brahma Puja guardian
Aci Ngaturang ring pleaded Paibon safety.

Wage Wraspati Breech
Sugihan Java
Great Bhuwana purification, Lord Kabeh Pemretistan ring ring prakertinya arerebu Sanggah, Muang Pemerajan ring worm. Muang Dulurin pengeraratan friend Lord pengereresikan fragrant flower.
Destination: Menyetanakan (ngadegang) Gods and Pitara.
Ceremony: Cleansing all the tools for Galungan day.
Breech Keliwon Sukra

Sugihan Bali
Purification Bhuwana Alit.
The point: cleaned up methirta Gocara.

Redite Paing Dungulan
Falling Sang Hyang Three Wisesa, tangible Bhuta Galungan.
The goal: It was the wiku and Jnana Widnyana sudha anyekung Nirmala (watchful guard the purity).
Practice: On this day when brood bananas, fermented, and so on.
Soma Pon Dungulan

Penyajaan (Jaja = Dada)
The goal: Pengastwahyaning the ngamong yoga meditation, (to prove sincerity do yoga meditation), faces the temptation of the Kala Three.
Wage Dungulan Anggara

Penampahan = Nampa

* Bhuta Yadnya pata chess ring, and in the yard.
* Giving Pasupati on weapons.

Destination: prakoseng war Jaya (victorious from the temptation of the Kala Three).

Buddhist Keliwon Dungulan
Peak Ceremony: to offer food in all the places and equipment.
The goal -. Focusing the mind to purity by removing any doubt.

Saniscara Pon Dungulan
Pemaridan Teacher, Teacher nyurud cone
Ceremony: Methirta Gocara

Wage Redite Brass
Ulihan = by-by
Meaning: The Return of the Gods and Pitara presented a souvenir of the order of spices, rice, and so on

Goma Keliwon Brass
Great Pemacekan
Ceremony: ring Pesegehan Great Dengen, with sumalulung chicken slaughtering.
The goal: Restore the Bhuta Galungan and his family.
Note: Today is a landmark between the beginning and end of Galungan activities (30 days to 30 days away and back), which starts from Tumpek Wariga and valid until Keliwon Pahang Buddhist

Brass Buddhist Paing

Guardian Lord Vishnu Puja.
Aci presents ring Paibon

Sukra Wage Kuningan
Preparation for the day of Brass by eliminating dirty thoughts
Ceremony: none

Saniscara Keliwon Brass
Revelation of God, holy Pitara-purification, as well as offering mukti-offering.
Implementation: Diaturkan before noon.
Installation of a kolem Tamiang prakoseng Parada war (a symbol of victory of Dharma
against Adharma).
Nasi Kuning (tebog) with ornaments is a symbol of all-yellow opponent compassion devotion.

Pahang Buddhist Kliwon

Pegat Wakan / pegat Conference

1. Is the end rather than doing initiation.
2. End pewarah Galungan activities to Sri Lord Durgha Jayakasunu (Lontar Jayakusuma).
3. The Conference also Hyang Suksma slippery to the Reverend (Lontar Sundarigama).

5. Schedule Galungan - Kuningan.


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