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Wednesday, 25 November 2009


The universe was created in a long evolutionary process. At first this nature is empty, there is only God, often called the era "bump tan hana-paran paran anrawang anruwung" means when it had nothing and everything uncertain.

With his omnipotence, and Trance Widhi Wasa, creating two forces called Purusa the life force (spiritual) and Prakerti (pradana) of material strength. Of these two forces then arises "ideal" state of mind which is already affected by the Tri Guna Satwam, Rajah and hospitality. Satwam are the properties of dharma (righteousness), Rajah is the dynamic nature of kenafsuan, while hospitality is, adharma properties, ignorance and apathy. Then comes the instinctive recognition Budi, after it emerged that the Manah reason and feeling, then comes the sense of self Ahangkara. This arose after the ten senses Dasa senses source (the motion desires) that are divided into groups of Panca Budi Indria five motion actions.

Five motion desire or Panca Budi Indria it is:
1 Caksu senses visual stimuli
2 Ghrana excitatory olfactory senses
3 senses Srota auditory stimuli
4 Jihwa senses of taste stimuli
5 Twak senses taste touch stimuli or palpation

Five motion acts or Panca Karma Indria consists of:
Wak senses
1 activator mouth
2 Pani senses hand drive
3 At the foot activator senses
4 payu senses activator release
5 senses Upastha sex drive

After this senses-senses did arise the five types of natural seeds called Panca Tanmatra namely:
Word Tanmatra seeds 1 vote
Tanmatra Sparsa 2 seeds taste touch
Week 3 seed Tanmatra vision
Flavor 4 seeds taste Tanmatra
Tanmatra Gandha 5 seeds smell (olfactory)

Panca Tanmatra of which are the seeds of natural objects born elements that material things are real called Panca Maha Bhuta. The elements of Panca Maha Bhuta is

* Akasa (ether)
* Bayu (wind)
* Teja (light)
* Apah (liquid) and ...
* Pretiwi (solids.)

Of the five elements of this natural substance is formed paramanu five atoms underwent solid fusion process to realize a more natural objects called you Brahma (Brahmanda) of the planets and stars as part of the contents of the universe.

Brahmanda means egg-shaped sphere of creation of Brahman. Everything is composed of seven so-called Sapta Loka Loka namely:

* Bhur Loka
* Bhuwah Loka
* Swah Loka
* Tapa Loka
* Jana Loka
* Maha Loka and ...
* Satya Loka.

In each there is a difference Loka element content of each Panca Maha Bhuta.

Process of Creation of Man and Other Creatures.

After the universe was created Widhi Trance Wasa then create it. In the process of natural creation was formed more harshly, such as Gods creation, Gandarwa. Paisacha. and then the other entities, such as coarse animal and human. The process of human creation is the essence of the Panca Maha Bhuta and Sad Taste of substance with six types of taste, sweet, bitter, salty, sour, spicy, sepat. These elements integrated with other elements of Cita. Blake. Ahangkara. Dasendria. Tanmatra and Panca Panca Maha Bhuta. The combination of all these elements produce two elements of life Sukla seed (seed of men) and Swanita (female seeds). The meeting between the two seed is the same life with a meeting with Pradana Purusa. It is created by humans. So in people of all natural elements that exist.

The first human creation Widhi Trance in the Hindu religion is called Syayambhumanu. Syayambhumanu means of thinking that makes the creature himself, was the first man. Manu means to think. Manu arising from the human word, which means descendant of Manu. Later after the first humans created the power Widhi Trance Wasa, the man himself is growing.

Bhagavad-Gita III verse 10.

Sahyajnah prajah srishtwa
Puro Wacha meek servant
anena prasawishya dhwam

esha wo'stu ishta Prajapati kama'dhuk ancient times human beings create
with bhakti dedication and said
with this you will multiply
and let the world be your cow.


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