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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Dana Punia is Hindus Swadharma (obligation)


Punia funds teachings found in a variety of sacred literature, especially the Smertinya, even in the Upanishad (Upanishad Chandogya) has stated, the practice of teaching, the traditional has been carried out by his followers through religious rituals, practices, funding is always associated Punia
Indonesia's National Development Goals is to achieve a just and prosperous society, the inner and outer peace, the direction of: the purpose of the Hindu religion and moksa Jagathita. That as a result of the swift growth of national development based on human capabilities and higher on the other hand, there arises the problem that needs our attention through a fund that Punia.
Motivate Hindus to Punia primarily funded for a capable, then the coordinate directed to help those who can not afford, is a very noble thing to realize social welfare. Teaching practice Punia funds that traditionally conducted through the religious ritual of customary institutions, should be appointed to the surface, then directed to a wider target.

Main Problem.

1. Whereas the people have been carrying out activities Punia funds but still traditional and local nature, such as mepedanan ceremony, cymbal sarin, sarin year and others.
2. Understanding people is still limited to things that are related to religious activities only, in case of humanitarian issues is also a religious responsibility.
3. With the advances in technology and science, resulting in association and a variety of people so there was a shift in social values that need a sophisticated method in dealing with situations of social development.
4. Until now, the Hindus do not have a system / national bodies in the excavation and management of funds in accordance with the development needs of the people.

Discussion Outcomes.

1. Understanding Punia funds.
Dana Punia and consists of two words, which means the provision of funds, Punia, meaning good, good, happy, beautiful and sacred. So is the provision of funds Punia good and holy.
1. Philosophical Basis: Twam Asi Tat.
2. The basis of literature:
1. Vedic Smriti (palmyra).
2. Dharma literature Manawa Chapter IV, verse 33, 226.
3. Sarasamuçcaya verse number 175, 176, 192, 198, 217,
178, 207, 210, 211, 182, 183, 184, 222, 181, 202,
205, 206, 216, 187, 188, 191, 193.194, 212, 213,
4. Trance Kamahayanika, verse 56, 57, 58.
5. Slokantara, verse number 2, 4, 5.
6. Ramayana, sargah l, verse 5, verse sargah II 53, 54.
7. Niti literature, III sargah stanza 8, verse II sargah XIII.
8. Lontar Yadnya Prakerti.
3. Fund Type Punia.
Punia fund details that can bring great phala is:
1. Villages; the ground.
2. Religion; the teaching of literature, religion, and science.
3. Drewya: worldly objects / materials.

Trance Kamahayanika described in the form of funds
Punia, namely:
a. Funds: property.
b. Atidana: a beautiful girl.
c. Mahatidana: body and soul.
4. Who are obliged to perform funds Punia
In accordance with the obligation of religious literature implement Punia funds are:
1. The rulers of the state / government.
2. And religious leaders, community leaders.
3. Organization yadnya (the yajamana).
4. Merchant, banija, businessman.
5. The people who can.
6. From time to time required for each race
7. For fixed-income people.
8. For high-income people.
5. Are eligible to receive funds Punia:
1. The spiritual teacher / Nabe.
2. Dangacarya (Sulinggih).
3. The poor are displaced.
4. People with disabilities.
5. People affected by disaster.
6. Sacred places / Parahyangan.
7. Social institutions.
8. Hospital.
9. Pasraman / education.
6. Implementation funds Punia:
As good conduct Punia funds are
1. Uttarayana (Purnama Kadasa) Hindu (Punia funds required to carry out simultaneously.
2. From time to time exactly at the time of full moon and good Tilem Uttarayana, swakala, daksinayana (sun toward the north, the equator, and heading south).
3. While solar and lunar eclipses.
4. In pancabaya.
7. Basically Punia funds.
In verse-Sarasamuçcaya, 261, 262, 263, as well as in the Ramayana temple sargah II 53, 34 mentioned that the property obtained (results to rich) should be divided by three is for the interest:
1. Dharma 30%
2. Kama 30%
3. Property funds (venture capital) 40%.

In Punia fund activities to each community to set aside half a kilogram of rice property which is part of the dharma activity.
8. The duration of the implementation of Punia funds:
1. During the grehasta status for each race are obliged to fund Punia.
2. In the framework of guidance for Punia funded awareness among the children it is necessary to fund the activities carried out as early as possible Punia.
9. Punia fund management.
In order to achieve as much as possible is deemed necessary to establish a special agency to plan and manage activities Punia funds.


From the main results of the above discussion it can be concluded matters as follows.

1. Dana Punia is an obligation for Hindus to be implemented.
2. That doctrine has Punia funds Philosophical basis and foundation of religious literature.
3. Types of funds can be either Punia, the science of religion, science, soul, and properties.
4. Implementation of Punia funds should be done as early as possible.

Suggestions and proposals:

1. To be held fund activities that simultaneously Punia and comprehensive for Hindus on the day Kadasa Purnama.
2. Should be formed container / entity in order to manage these Punia funds from the central to. the village level.
3. In order to fund this activity can proceed smoothly should be preceded with information activities and motivate people.

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