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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Mantras used during the day

1. Introduction.
Hindu religion is Sanatana, remains from ancient times until now, but the understanding and implementation procedures of religious life developed in accordance with the times. With the Hindus all over Indonesia and the demands of modern life in religious life, it is necessary to improve coaching. And coaching one that is set a few mantras that can be used in everyday life for the walaka.

2. Understanding.
In Hindu religious life there are three mantras or use powers idol poems, namely:
1. For Sadhaka.
2. For Stakeholder / Pinandita.
3. For Walaka.

Mantra is defined incantations to prayers everyday, not to carry out lokaparasraya. This mantra learned from Hindu scriptures. Mantra Tri
Sandhya prayer continues to be used for Tri Sandhya.

3. Mantras everyday.
1. Purpose.
This mantra uttered with the aim to glorify Trance kerahayuan Widhi and begged him.
2. Attitude.
In use these mantras should take a position in such a way that can pronounce these mantras with great solemnity, and based
with inner and outer purity. These mantras can be spoken without sung and can be translated into their respective regions.
3. Several types of mantras
1. Daily mantra (routine)
1. Mantra Panganjali (respect).
OM Swastyastu
Hopefully there are both safe for the gift Ida Trance Widhi Wasa.

OM Santi, Santi, Santi
May peace always top the gift Hyang Widhi Wasa.

2. Mantra up early (No. 43 pp. 26 AV. III.16.4.)
3. Mantra bath (No. 44 pp. 26 AV.V.80.5).
4. Mantra eat.
1. By the meal (No. 46 pp. 27.RV.121.l).
2. After dinner (No. 47 pp. 27.BU.V.1.1.).
5. Mantra before starting a job or do something activities.
1. OM Awighnamastu Namasiddham
My God!, Hopefully there are no obstacles and succeed.
2. No. 32 pp. 23 (AV.19.15.6).
2. Daily mantra (incidental).
1. Mantra pleaded love (RV.Vil.100.4).
2. Mantra pleaded domestic tranquility (RV.V111.74.2).
3. Mantra pleaded wisdom (RV.V11.32.26).
4. Mantra for mental perfection strength (RV.X.25.l).
5. Mantra to start learning (AV.X1.55).
6. Mantra for the birth of a baby (please life) (RV IV 53 6)
7. Mantra pleaded truth (RV.V.82.7)
8. Mantra please Protection-(RV.I.164 31)
9. Please mantra of personal holiness (RV.1.3.10).
10. Please Mantra inspiration (RV. VI 61 4)
11. Mantra for longevity beg (RV. VII .66.16).
12. Mantra please perfection of life (AV.36.26).
13. Mantra beg to happiness in life (ÀV.XIX.63).
14. Mantra to please health (RV.X.186.1).
15. Please protection of old age (RV 71 v 10)
16. Please protection mantras against death (RV.1.114.7).
17. Mantra to win on the battlefield (SV.231).
18. Mantra in the face of the struggle for life (RV.X.53.8).
19. Mantra for the safety of the bride (RV, X.85.33).
20. Mantra after the inauguration of a state (YV.22.22).
21. Mantra for the opening of the trial (RV.191.2-4).
22. Mantra for harmony with all things YV 3617).
23. Mantra to sail the sea / sky (RV. X 3610).
24. Mantra for the dead (KU.1.2.20).
25. Mantra for guidance (BU.1.3.28).
26. Mantra into a new land area (RV. X.32.7).
27. Mantra to slaughter / cut animals (II.34.1).
Note: See Walaka Vedic books.

4. Advice.
The team needs to be formed-Authors Book Charm Charm used daily for Walaka.


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