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Thursday, 26 November 2009


Padmasana is a symbol of the macrocosm / universe that is Stana Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa (Çiwa Aditya).

Padmasana can be divided into:
By Location:
Based on the location (according to pengider-Ider) is divided into 9 types according Wisana palmyra juice Wariga Chess
Located in the name Facing
Padmakencana east west
North south Padmasana
East West Sari Padmasana
Linga Padmasana north south
Padma Asta Sedana northwest southeast
Padmanoja northeast southwest
Southeast northwest Padmakaro
Padmasaji southwest northeast
Middle Padmakurung bears three Lawangan

Based on Pepalihan:
Based on the hall (room) and pepalihannya (level or undag) can be divided into:
Rong name (space) Pepalihan Description
Padmasana Nglayang 3 (three) 7 (seven) use Bedawang Nala
Padma Supreme 2 (two) 5 (five) use Bedawang Nala
Padmasana 1 5 (five) use Bedawang Nala
Padmasari 1 3 (three), namely:

* Palih Park (below)
* Palih Sancak (middle) and ...
* Palih Sari (top)

without Bedawang Nala
Padmacapah 1 2 (two), namely:

* Palih Park (below) and ...
* Palih Capah (top)

without Bedawang Nala

Padmasari and Padmacapah can be placed out and serve as pengayatan / penyawangan. About two padmasana pedagingan is only at the base and top of it. While the use Bedawang padmasana contains pedagingan Nala in Basic, Associate, and Peak.
Making Procedures 1 langkahKembali Back to top
The procedure for making padmasana based Asta Kosala-ejection Kosali and Asta Earth.
Upakara / 1 langkahKembali Ceremony Back to top

Upakara / Ceremony including pedagingan based pependeman and · palmyra palmyra

* God Tattwa
* Chess Winasa Wariga Sari
* USANA god Widhi Tattwa and ..
* Especially Kusuma Dewa.


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