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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Nyepi (Silent Day)

Nyepi is the turn of the year Caka.

Nyepi Celebration series are: Tawur, Melelasti, Amati Geni / Sipeng, and Ngembak Geni


Tawur is: Cleansing / pemarisudha bhuta in worship when the dimurtikan, after being given a somiya Tawur.

Ngerupuk is advanced than the implementation Tawur conducted in each yard.

Implementation Tawur:


* According Tawur Sundarigama, held on Kesanga Tilem perwanining.
* According Swamandala, held on Tilem Tawur Kesanga, do not justify the application of the perwaninya. Not justify further implementation Swamandala Tawur cetramasa time, when the chance fell after Wuku Dungulan, before Keliwon Pahang Buddhist, therefore, was conducted on Tawur Kedasa Tilem.
* Then Widhi Literature in ejection god Lord Tattwa Niti Putrajaya, strengthen Swamandala. Apparently, after the Buddha to Keliwon Dungulan Pahang Buddhist Keliwon is Bhatari Durgha somiyanya, either because it does not implement Tawur, because Tawur is to Durgha Murti.


Melasti = melelasti = nganyudang malaning Tirta Amrita ngamet gumi. Natural impurities washed away using water of life. Segara (sea) is considered as a source Amertha Tirtha (Dewa Ruci, Pemuteran Mandaragiri).

No later than the Tilem afternoon, pelelastian must have completed as a whole, and Pratima which must be purified in the great couch.

Berata Penyepian

Amati Geni no fire. Jnana Sudha Anyekung Nirmala to face the new year (New Year).
Amati Karya not work / stopped working
Observe lelungan No travel
Observe lelanguan No vent / indrya

Effective from before sunrise.

Ngembak Geni


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